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Our detractors know they cannot win in a court of law, which is why their only option is to take their baseless and fantastic stories to the media,” he added.Zabala revealed that the INC has been receiving reports from members and sympathizers that the campaign against the church would continue.De Brito made a modest fortune in the galleon trade in the 16th century.He was also a regidor of Manila, whose post was adjudged to him at public auction for one thousand four hundred pesos of common gold, with the third part of what was promised from the increase. In 1589, he acquired at a public auction a sprawling marshland measuring 4940 hectares, a part of which would become the 20th-century Makati.In 2002, our website made history when the 5th Philippine Web Awards picked out Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition Online for the Yehey's MOST POPULAR WEBSITE and the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD in the BEST ORGANIZATION CATEGORY.

The Court of Appeals affirmed its finding that the judge did not commit grave abuse of discretion in ruling against Soriano, adding that “a party seeking relief must strictly comply with the rules of procedure or otherwise face the risk of losing the remedies available to him.” Zabala said that the INC’s legal victories “only reinforce what we have said from the beginning; that when the facts and the evidence are weighed by a court of law, we have nothing to fear as these charges will be exposed for what they really are: nuisance cases filed in an attempt to besmirch the reputation of the church and our officials.” “We continue to be vindicated by court and prosecutor rulings here and abroad.Since then, “Ang Dating Daan” was heard and seen in the whole world.Membership soared and new local chapters were established in North America, Canada, Europe, Africa, and even the Asia Pacific, China and Australia.Tradition holds that a Tagalog at a swamp on the south of the Pasig River was asked by a visitor, who was Miguel López de Legazpi, for the name of the place.As a result of the language barrier the question was misinterpreted, and the Tagalog pointed to the receding tide of the Pasig River, and he answered, "Makati, kumákáti na", ("Ebbing, the tide is ebbing").

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The CA affirmed the consolidated judgment dated June 8, 2012 of the Iriga City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 60 in two criminal cases for libel filed by Jesus Miracle Crusade's preacher Wilde Almeda.

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