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Was anybody else out there blown away by the premiere of HBO's Extras?

I thought the first episode had it all: a rom-com storyline that paid off the old "lying to get laid" gambit with more panache than many a recent feature, and a basic premise that's why-didn't--think-of-that? Anybody who's ever spent time on a movie set knows that it can be the most boring place in the world: all that time spent waiting around for what's often literally a few seconds of real action.

13 Executive produced — and featuring appearances — by Bryan Cranston, with “Justified” boss Graham Yost as showrunner, and Giovanni Ribisi as a grifter who gets in over his head.

25 Season 1 of this adaptation of Lev Grossman’s bestselling fantasy series more than delivered on its promise of a twisted, adult version of “Harry Potter” and the Narnia series.

We got on we'll and proceeded to take the conversation to the next level by exchanging nude shots.I promised to deliver some notes on an imagined romantic comedy about my late 1970s days in the Village when I was young and in love with a girl named Joey, featuring cameos by Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese, no less.But along with the deluge of already written movies I have to read for a livelihood, the romantic comedy I'm living has overtaken my writing life: I've got a visiting ex-wife in town, and a new out-of-town girlfriend coming for a visit.entrez sur le site de roulettechat en direct en cliquant sur l'image ci dessous. Zdraveite predlagam na vsichki ot tazi grupa koito iskat da lyskat s men da vleznat v tozi sait da se vkluchat i da me namerqt shtom vidite momche ot Bylgariq s cherni bokserki napishete HMK i ako vi otgovorq znachi sym az izpolzvam tozi sait zashtoto v skayp ne mi dava da si pusna kamerata.

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