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“Just remember not to keep your hand there; rather, just use light touch when laughing or making fun comments.” Flaunt your features Show off your most attractive assets by choosing your attire carefully.“If you are a man who loves his chest, wear a fitted shirt,” Hubsher said.

“This adds a sexual layer to the flirting mechanism without being overly forward,” New York-based dating coach Cher Hubsher, who’s known as “The NYC Wingwoman,” told Fox News. There is a flood of apps and websites that help you find a date.I’ll help you out with comparisons on a few dating platforms; Tinder,,, Thrill, Ok Cupid and Woo.For some of us, flirting comes naturally, but for others, it’s a learned art to be mastered like nailing an impressive field goal or making a difficult three-point shooter in the big leagues. But if you’re looking to attract the opposite sex, knowing the right way to flirt can mean the difference between creeping out that special someone and actually landing a date with him or her.Fox News talked to some professional matchmakers to learn the best tips men and women can use to help flirt like a pro — without coming off as desperate, weird or foolish.

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