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If you're thinking of ghosting someone, here are some dos and don'ts to consider before you disappear from the face of the universe. Imagine if you formally fired every person who applied for a job, when you didn't even hire them in the first place. (It would.)So if you went on a date with a guy, and you're not into him, you don't owe him anything. And if he keeps contacting you…If you don't want to fake your own death to get out of a relationship, tell them the truth… You don't need to let him know that he was four inches too short for you, or that his really close relationship with his mother weirded you out.

However, you can tell him that you think he's really great, but you don't see a relationship between you two happening, and you wish him a lot of luck and love in the future! Remember, you don't owe strangers anything but kindness..

” And I've promptly deleted their numbers on my walk back to my car after drinks.I saw my friends under the trees with my date so I tried to look cool walking over to them.As I got there my date turned out to be one of my ex-girlfriends from a couple of years back who kneed me in the groin after finding out I was with her best friend while we dated.If you make plans, then you’d better have every intention of keeping them.know the truth and went through with it anyway, then that’s really bad karma.

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