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For purposes of analysis or description, the components of mastication may be categorized as opening, closing, left lateral, right lateral, or anteroposterior jaw movements.n the movements of the mandible during the chewing cycle, which are controlled by neuromuscular action and are correlated with the structural attributes of the temporomandibular joints and the proprioceptive sense of the periodontal ligament.

There are three phases in the physiology of mastication: the incision of food, the mastication of the bolus, and the act of swallowing.

Accessory activity by the tongue and facial musculature facilitates the masticatory actions.n the muscular organ in the floor of the oral cavity whose function in the masticatory process consists of crushing some food by pressing it against the hard palate, forming it into a compact bolus, and assisting in placing it on the occlusal platform for tooth act of chewing.

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