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A restraining order (also known as a protective order, order of protection, or many other names) is a court order requiring that your boyfriend or girlfriend, past or present, stop "abusing" you.

In addition, not all states allow minors to get a restraining order on their own without an adult's help. statelaw_name=Restraining Orders] pages for your state on this site to find out more. id=10434&state_code=PG&open_id=10489&lang=en#content-10507In many states, you can apply for a restraining order even if you are under 18 but you may need an adult (usually a parent or legal guardian) to file the order on your behalf.

Additionally, Strauss notes that even relatively minor acts of physical aggression by women are a serious concern: 'Minor' assaults perpetrated by women are also a major problem, even when they do not result in injury, because they put women in danger of much more severe retaliation by men.

[...] It will be argued that in order to end 'wife beating,' it is essential for women also to end what many regard as a 'harmless' pattern of slapping, kicking, or throwing something at a male partner who persists in some outrageous behavior and 'won't listen to reason.' reports that a 13-year longitudinal study found that a teenager or woman's aggression towards a man was equally important as the man's tendency towards violence in predicting the likelihood of overall violence: "Since much IPV [Inter-personal violence] is mutual and women as well as men initiate IPV, prevention and treatment approaches should attempt to reduce women's violence as well as men's violence.

You can access the live chat by going to by texting "loveis" to the SMS shortcode 77054, or by calling 1-866-331-9474 (TTY: 1-866-331-8453).

Although most teen dating relationships last a shorter amount of time, it is an important part of a teen’s life that can impact them greatly.

The group will also be a supportive arena for those teens who have experienced violence or abuse in a romantic relationship in becoming survivors and coping with their experience and moving on to feeling safe and living a violence free life.

If you are the abuser, it is important for you to recognize your behavior and make changes.In addition, not all states allow minors to get a restraining order on their own without an adult's help.Check our Restraining Orders pages for your state on this site to find out more.The support groups main focus is to empower teens to be educated about the signs and the dangers of dating violence and to empower teens with information on how to avoid dating violence, to recognize an abusive relationship, and to be able to escape abusive situations safely.Rational Working with women at a domestic violence shelter, I have noticed a high percentage of the women who receive services from our program, discuss they had experienced a form of abuse from a boyfriend or a romantic partner as teenagers.

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