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After their time working on the “Testify” video together, she and the uber-fine rapper tried to have a committed relationship, but it happened at the wrong time–in the midst of Common dealing with the death of friend, former roommate and producer J. Though things didn’t work out, they’re still cool as an ice cube.

When asked if he thought he'd broken Kim's heart, Ray simply shook his head in denial. "She was the female me."But fellow housemate Stacy continued to push Ray, saying, "You cannot say that! "I was at your sister's house, many many years ago.

Everyone who knows me knows I reinvent myself every time that I come out officially. I can’t say what I’m going to offer because it’s just Lil Kim and Lil Kim is so unpredictable. Scott’s not really broke, he’s just not where he was before. He was so clouded, he had so many horrible people around him…. Scott wanted to married me, he gave me a pink diamond ring, and I never do this, but I gave it back…. He knows what he has to do.”Whether Faith really caught her in bed with Biggie“Yeah that’s true.”Whether Faith dragged her out the bed kicking and screaming“That’s not true. Don’t get me wrong, I know he loved me to death but married men…it’s just not good aura. She was the one calling the police.”The beef over the Notorious movie“Big’s mom, doesn’t know Biggie and she barely knows Christopher. There’s so many people who have surgery so I don’t really know where that’s coming from but thank you for the compliment.”Kim may never say exactly why she went under the knife to begin with, but from her answer it’s clear she thinks she looks good like she does.

No one would have ever guessed that I would do Dancing With the Stars and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.”Her relationships with Ray J, Scott Storch, and Maino“I Love Ray J and his family. I was like ‘yes, but not now.’ I was on my way to prison and I was just going through so much.“Maino’s a mess. As far as her beef with Nicki, she says that’s a problem that will never be hashed out.

The Breakfast Club can get just about anything out of anybody and they definitely got a lot of dirt out of Lil Kim when she stopped by the show this morning.

The hosts asked the Queen Bee about everything from Biggie to Faith and Mrs.

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There was Miss Jackson, who started dating Nelly after her relationship with Floyd ended.

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