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We stopped for the night at B&Bs or pubs and everywhere we went we talked to people about their locale and their lives.

In particular, we talked to farmers about the prospects for the harvest.

While he’s had my example, these particular itineraries were all my son’s own idea; he may find doing 20 miles a day – and not necessarily through the most picturesque landscape – a bit of a slog, but the sense of achievement he gets from walking is tremendous.

Two strangers are placed in a room with a double bed and a television.

The television either asks questions or states instructions and the participants follow accordingly.

No, I’m not talking about the hypersexualization of 12 year old girls trying to pass for 18. I’m giving you this quick primer on dating methodology, and the humorous ways they fail, for free. By far the biggest source is our own sun, but that just because it’s so close.

Nor am I talking about the 60-somethings trying to pass for 18 as well. I would like to blame the movie Prometheus for this rant, but they’re hardly the only guilty party; it’s just the one that finally made me snap. But we also have all our neighboring suns of the Milky Way, many of which are much larger and energetic than ours, and the monstrous galactic core belching stripped nuclei at relativistic speeds at us.

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