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Office Location: CSULB Foundation, Suite 140 Phone: (562) 985-5983 Appointment Hours: Monday – Friday a.m. Office Location: Student Health Services, Room 268 (SHS-268) Phone: (562) 985-4609 Hours of Operations: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from AM to PM, Wednesday from AM to PM, and Friday AM to PM Website: Office Location: Student Health Center, Room 268 Phone: (562) 985-2520 Hours of Operation: Monday- Thursday: 8 AM to 6 PM and Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM Website: The Dean of Student Office can assist in formal and informal discussions with students about various concerns; interface with parents, community agencies and local governmental units; and promote student ethical development and leadership outside the classroom.Community Service Officers (CSO): University Police Escort Service - Free transportation to your car or dorm Phone Number: 562-985-4101 Hours of Operations: 6-11 pm Sundays to Thursday --- -pm Friday and Saturday Find us at these locations (LA 1 Bus stop, South Turn near the Macintosh building, and West Turn outside the Student union) The following are various LGBTQI-specific and/or progressive student organizations at CSULB. " "The first thing that you’ll be receiving is a portfolio of all of our companies, their pay scales and the things you can assemble. Right now, we have over 100 companies working with us that offer jobs of assembly, arts and crafts, sales, professional services and electronics work". " "We check on all the companies to make sure that they are safe, legitimate companies for you to work for and if you have any problems or any questions at all, we have a customer service person who handles everything" "What type of work will I be doing?Fullscreen Entertainment reaches consumers through creator-driven experiences from Fullscreen Live, original content from Fullscreen Productions and the pioneering Rooster Teeth studio, and subscription video on demand services “Fullscreen” and Rooster Teeth’s “FIRST.” Fullscreen Brandworks partners with major brands to tap into the power of social media with original entertainment, influencer marketing, multi-platform social content and targeted media through the Fullscreen Media Network.

One weekend last December, 28-year old Edgar Maddison Welch, a father of two, drove from his home in North Carolina to Washington, D. He fired at least two shots, including one that broke a lock off a door. After 45 minutes inside the restaurant, the misguided gunman surrendered peacefully to police and no one was injured.

TOP PAY*** ****WORK IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME**** **REAL JOBS WITH REAL COMPANIES** "Every day thousands of people just like you are getting started working at home in the fields of computer work, sewing, assembling products, crafts, processing coupons, typing, telephone work and much more! That’s so you can pick out your job because there are about 85 different jobs for you to choose from and you are guaranteed any of those jobs." "What does all this cost?

They earn several hundred dollars weekly in the comfort of their own home and you can be next! " "These are just a few of over 70 guaranteed home jobs." So you send in your money and receive only a thin pamphlet listing the name and address of approximately 80 companies, along with a brief description of the assembly projects each company is purportedly offering.

We would have jam sessions and sing-alongs until the cops were called in to shut us down." Get TV has added One West Waikiki onto their "Weekend Summer Afternoons". To find your local channel go to tv Cheryl Ladd's One West Waikiki airs weekdays this summer on get TV The show airs 1pm EST/11am PST.

To find your local channel go to tv Cheryl Ladd (Charlies Angels) stars as Dr. Today, July 12th, everyone here at Charlies would like to send tons of Birthday wishes to Cheryl Ladd! Cheryl was born in 1951 and has entertained us all for all these years in film, TV and music! Today, July 6th, everyone here at Charlies would like to send tons of Birthday wishes to Shelley Hack! Shelley was born in 1947 and has graced millions of magazines, tv screens and our hearts! Today Charlies remembers the passing 8 years ago of our wonderful Angel, Farrah Fawcett. Today we remember Farrah and her legacy in Art, TV and Film.

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