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There are many factors associated with Internet abuse and addiction, including overuse, misuse, and tolerance, and withdrawal, ease-of-access, instant gratification, boundaries, dissociation, disinhibition, and perceived anonymity.

Perhaps the most potent contributor is the variable ratio reinforcement schedule that appears to create a slot-machine effect for the Internet and other digital media technologies.

Ryan Reynolds joked in a new interview that he knew wife Blake Lively was the one for him after they had sex.

Chatting with GQ for the magazine’s December 2016 cover story, the Deadpool star, 40, opened up about the start of his romance with the 29-year-old actress.

Whose partner ever left them over compulsive web-surfing?

These roles will become increasingly important in our communications, our work life performance, and our social activities.

Pauline knew she was in trouble from the first time she ever went online, way back in 1994, when she was just a high-school girl in New Jersey.

She would log onto a BBS (an early form of message board) that a kid in her neighborhood had set up, via her screeching, pokey 4800-baud modem, to check for messages -- and then she would log off and repeat the whole process 10 minutes later, and then again, and then again, each time to see if anything new had popped up, even though she knew it probably hadn't.

More from The Fix: Not An Addict, Just Addicted The 10 Hardest Drugs To Kick The 10 Greatest Songs About Recovery At some level, Pauline knew even then that this sort of behavior was not healthy, even though it felt good -- just as many alcoholics recall, with a mix of awe and terror, the flush of warmth and belonging that their first drink brings, quickly followed by repeating the pleasurable action over and over again, until ending up vomiting or passed out in a friend's front yard.

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