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Prerequisites Step 1: Verify your schema is ready (and extend it if applicable) Based on what I have read, if your DCs were introduced with Server 2008 Beta 3 or later, your schema will be ready, if you started with anything older, your AD environment will more than likely will not have the schema objects/attributes.

Exchange 2007, OCS, SCOM all require schema changes for example, it's not just something that happens when you are considering a major shift from (say) a Windows 2003 to a Windows 2008 infrastructure.By commenting, you are accepting the IBM commenting guidelines and the DISQUS terms of service.Each domain controller maintains a complete copy of the schema in memory to make access to the schema very fast. When you extend the schema on the Schema FSMO role owner, the change is written to the schema cache, and not committed to disk yet.First thing, make sure you have a good backup copy of the AD database (usually %System Root%\ntds\NTDS. Just run the adprep as the instructions say (or let the software update AD itself).If you have more than one DC then make sure there are absolutely no errors reported by . AD will protect itself in most cases from failed schema updates.

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