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The BIOS chip is often referred to as the ROM BIOS because, in its traditional form, it was a read-only memory chip with contents that could not be changed.

Later versions could be reprogrammed with an EPROM programmer, and, beginning in the mid-1990s, BIOSes using flash memory (flash BIOS) began to appear.

If you ever decide that it's still slow, then buy and install an SSD, switch to UEFI mode in BIOS settings and install Windows on the SSD using your preferred installation method.

And if it hopefully loads, its because its let to Legacy mode, it wont auto change and stop working will it? The person even mentions that a Legacy Windows install wont work with UEFI so you have to reinstall But then again.."personalised settings (not responding)". And so updating to UEFI (with Windows reinstall) should hopefully fix it. I spoke to Microsoft support and they told me its to do with RAM.

Here's everything you need to know about how to update a PC BIOS, whether traditional or the newer UEFI standard.

Ah, so once I flash my BIOS, will Windows definitely load, as I was worried it wouldnt,? And as far as installing windows in Legacy mode vs UEFI is a matter of choice, there is no speed gain from UEFI, I always install in Legacy mode, I like 1 partition for windows."personalised settings (not responding)".

Upgrading BIOS won't force you to run in UEFI mode, it will still support legacy boot. Who told you you had to switch to UEFI to get windows booting ? You do not have to flash a Bios to get the memory working, more horse hockey. You can flash your Bios if you want, but that`s not gonna get windows booting if you have a memory issue.

See also: How to install Windows 7 Before you start, heed this warning: if something goes wrong during the BIOS update, your computer could be rendered useless.

If there's a power cut, or the computer gets turned off while updating, it could mean that it's unable to boot at all.

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