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Kim Hyun-Joong was born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea.His family consists of his parents and one older brother. Top actress A is earning some criticism for her active dating life.For the past few years, A has been involved in quite a few dating scandals but none that were brought to public light.Their dramatic transformation can be seen in their jaws, noses, and eyes.One insider said, "I can understand why they'd want to document their faces so much since I'd be shocked myself seeing myself so changed every time I came out of surgery.The shit storm of the Kim Hyun Joong saga continues in the latest instalment which now sees a public apology being released from KHJ.This is at best a blatantly obvious reply to an article mentioning his girlfriend would consider dropping charges if he publicly admitted it.

(link to video: Domestic Violence is Never Okay (and why Kim Hyun Joong fans suck) Three weeks on now from the original article breaking about pressing charges and we have Hyun Joong admitting guilt but still running around his world tour, A potentially about to drop a lawsuit after the most fake apology in the history of all fake apologies, The Korean "justice" (for lack of a better them) system allowing this, and fans who STILL think he is innocent.After getting away from that management company Kim Hyun-Joong was introduced DSP Entertainment and, after auditions, became a member of boy band SS501. I was amaze of you, I wish that someday you'll come here in the phillipines , I like your voice when you sung the "because I'm stupid" it really melt in my heart.. don't know how long it is but still hope to find you one day.SS501 released their self-titled debut album "SS501" on June 23, 2005. I hope I'll see you in person..saranghaeyo When he's back please give him another project he is so good in acting, music and sports usually in everything. its my promise to myself and you are the one who teach me how to live and smile in a tragic condition..Earlier this year, industry reps actually found out the identities of the men she's dated, causing her image to downgrade to an 'easy woman'.Even among other fellow actors, A's active dating life is on the chopping block. From stars to even 'normal' celebrities, she's dated them all." B also shocked the people around him by revealing, "She dated me for three years but it seems she dated others during that time as well." 2.

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