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You can read the full interview in this week’s new! Her robust opinions and feisty debating skills make her in demand as a social commentator, regularly guesting on ITV's This Morning programme, and across many radio stations, including 5 Live and BBC Radio London.claiming to date a mysterious, single rock star, [RIP the Jim Kerr rumours] informed readers of her diary that a female friend who is ‘well connected when it comes to famous people’, told her that ‘she has it on good authority that a famous rock star, with an uber-famous wife, is having an affair with his backing singer’. Why would he do that, when he is married to someone so rich, so famous, so beautiful, and the mother of his children? Only the vaguest hints are usually made, but Liz’s comments must have raised a few eyebrows. It's important to learn from your mistakes."She does say it's not Jim Kerr (who has apparently been dismayed at the rumours that it is him) but she won't name names. Did you maybe plagiarise the storyline from Tamara Drewe?A pioneering ethical entrepreneur, she now runs two vegetarian brands and an award-winning fashion label.Chances are you’re not a cow, a sheep, or a hen, but if you’re a politically-motivated vegan, you’d be fully forgiven for praising the day she was born.The clues are there – ‘uber-famous wife’ being the biggest. She goes rather quiet, and says: "Oh people always said that about my husband.This story has been rumbling along for some time, with slight variations. She had a previous life and doesn’t want the press poking around again in her past. It is notable that despite her commitment to the truth, she hasn't revealed the identity of the rock-star boyfriend whose presence has so livened up the column recently. They didn't think he was real."LOL only been on the cover of vogue once iirc, and "rock star" wouldn't be jay-z. He really is the worst dresser in the whole of Christendom. ‘What was the woman you slept with wearing when you picked her up?

There are several stars reputedly entertaining women who are not their wives.

You won’t let me touch your face in case I mess up your make-up.

You write about my drink problem.’The food arrived, and we became one of those couples who eat in silence.

Like the other cheated wives, this one plays the Edwardian wife- i.e. Mega-millions must play a big part in his reckoning. So, expect a carefully staged, heart-warming, ‘so in love’ interview any time soon. Rock Star has recently taken pains to show that she is really devoted to her husband ‘s family.

one who ignores the situation and keeps up a public profile of unity. Unless the ‘backing singer’ runs to the tabloids first. Of course she i don't think the details match up to matt and kate. i think it's chris and gwyn, gwyn has been getting a lot of attention lately and there have always been rumors surrounding them.

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